1. Privacy Statement
a) This Privacy Policy outlines how Mbeautiful.com.au and NYV PTY LTD gather, share, and manage your Personal Information.
b) Personal information, as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), refers to data or opinions pertaining to an identified individual or someone who can be reasonably identified.
c) Mbeautiful.com.au and NYV PTY LTD highly values your privacy and are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data. Our privacy policy elucidates our approach to privacy, elucidating how we collect, utilise, and secure your personal information. Additionally, it delineates your entitlements concerning accessing the personal information we acquire and preserve about you. We operate in accordance with Australian privacy regulations, encompassing the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) within the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
d) Our websites may feature links to third-party websites. We do not assume responsibility for the privacy policies of these third-party websites. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of each website you visit.
2. Collection of Personal Information and other Information
a) We gather personal information primarily to carry out our business as an online retailer, trader, and service provider. This encompasses functioning as a marketplace for third-party sellers to list and sell products. The purposes for which we collect personal information include:
i. Facilitating the sale, delivery, administration, and enhancement of products and services on our platform.
ii. Customizing your experience on our platform and with our services.
iii. Managing payment processing.
iv. Addressing feedback or complaints regarding the goods and services available on our platform and providing necessary remedies.
v. Conducting data analytics to gain insights into our customers’ needs and preferences, conducting product and market research, enhancing and personalizing our platform, services, websites, and apps, and presenting offers that align better with customer interests and benefits.
vi. Establishing communication with you and operating our customer service center.
vii. Managing and administering promotions, competitions, marketing endeavours, direct marketing, database creation and analysis, trend and demographic assessments, and other marketing or promotional initiatives.
viii. Overseeing our stores, supply arrangements, inventory, and platform administration.
ix. Maintaining and updating our records.
b) The personal information we collect from you includes details provided when you:
i. Register or subscribe to our platform or our newsletters.
ii. Complete a transaction with us.
iii. Contact us via email.
iv. Additionally, third parties selling products on our platform will collect and store your personal information in compliance with their respective privacy policies and procedures, which they will disclose to you. We will take reasonable measures to ensure that individuals are informed about the matters mentioned above.
c) The personal information that we collect may include, but is not limited to:
i. your name;
ii. your contact details including your email, home/delivery address and billing address;
iii. other information that we collect in the course of transactions or interactions on our platform.
d) We only collect sensitive information in circumstances where you consent to the collection of this information, or it is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to the purpose outlined above.
e) We may collect personal information from individuals who are not customers of our business but whose personal information is given to us by those individuals via our website or in the course of a transaction. Example – for gifting purposes person A can input the details of person B.
f) When we collect information, we will generally explain to the individual why we are collecting it, who we give it to and how we will use or disclose it or, alternatively, those matters will be obvious from the circumstances.
g) We will collect personal information from you by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.
h) When you visit our platform, we, and/or third parties, may place cookies, tags and pixels on your browser to enhance and manage our platform and improve our business and the services we provide to you.
i) We and/or Google may use this information to optimise and place advertisements, including advertisements of third-party vendors and remarketing advertisements based on past visits to this platform, on our own and third party websites. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
j) We and our Related Companies may combine this information with similar information from Related Company websites to undertake data analytics and matching, to personalise websites and (where you have consented to receiving offers or direct marketing) to offer products or provide services to you or send direct marketing to you.
k) In addition to personal information, we may collect other information about you or the device you use to access our platforms. By using our platform and agreeing to this policy, you grant us permission to place and store pixels, tags and cookies on your browser which may be used by us to collect information about how you use our platforms and websites you visit, including the following information:
i. your device’s operating system;
ii. your browser type and capabilities;
iii. your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and geolocation;
iv. your browsing behaviour on our platforms including but not limited to the products you have viewed, added to cart and/or purchased, your searches and search history, pages you have visited, including how you were referred to each page and the page usage statistics, including the time spent on each page.
l) In addition, third parties may place and read cookies on your browser or use web beacons or similar technologies to collect information, including, where applicable, for the Google Trusted Stores program or other third-party affiliate marketing or aggregation services.
m) Cookies can be managed by accessing the individual settings in your browser. Refer to the cookies policy.
3. Using and Disclosing Your Personal Information
a) We will generally use or disclose your personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, or for a related secondary purpose where you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the personal information for that secondary purpose. We may otherwise use and disclose your personal information if you have given us consent in accordance with this Privacy Policy for the use or disclosure or it is required or authorised by law.
b) Generally, we use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of providing you with the goods or services that you have requested, or otherwise to enable us to carry out our business as an online retailer of goods and services, trader and service provider (including as a marketplace for third party sellers to list and sell goods).
c) As marketplace platform, we will, where necessary share your information with third party Sellers who transact using our platform. These Sellers may in turn share your information with parties who provide services to them (such as courier or delivery services providers) in order to provide goods and services to you.
d) We may generally disclose your information to third parties in order for them to provide or market services to you, such as Courier services. We will not sell your personal information to third parties, any third party we disclose information to will be for a purpose connected with your experience or the products or services provided on our platform or our business as an online retailer of goods and services, trader and service provider (including as a marketplace for third party sellers to list and sell goods).
e) If those purposes for which we have collected the information involve providing personal information about an individual to any third party, we will take appropriate and reasonable steps to ensure any personal information is protected.
f) We will generally only use personal information for marketing if you have given express or implied consent or it is impracticable to seek consent before this use.
g) When registering with us, you consent to us using your personal information (such as your email address or phone number, your purchase history with us, your browsing history on our platform, and information collected about you from Related Companies) for direct marketing purposes. This includes sending you deal emails or SMS notifications about our products and services, and personalising the appearance of the platform for you based on the personal information we collect about you. You may opt out of receiving these direct marketing communications at any time and you can manage your subscription preferences in your account.
h) When opting into ‘Notify Me’ emails, you consent to us sending you a notification email once a product on your Wishlist is back in stock. You may opt out of receiving these notification emails at any time and you can manage your notification preferences in the Wishlist section of your account.
i) We may disclose your information to our market place sellers, each of whom may use that information to undertake data analytics and matching to enable them to better understand your requirements and preferences, and (if you interact with that business) to personalise and improve their offer to you and to offer products or providing services to you or send direct marketing to you (where you have consented to receiving direct marketing).
j) In addition, Mbeautiful.com.au and our market place sellers disclose personal information to, and collect personal information from, each other to understand how you interact with them and what products and services you like, which allows Mbeautiful.com.au and our marketplace sellers to better understand your preferences and requirements, conduct product and market research, personalise and improve services, websites and apps and to provide offers that are of greater interest or benefit to you.
k) We may also provide your information to third parties that provide services to us, including third parties that provide our payment gateway, marketing, loyalty and reward program, logistics, customer service and technology support services. This may include providing your information to third parties that are located outside of Australia. Where your personal information is transferred outside Australia (including India). Where we do so, we ensure that these parties treat your information with strict confidentiality and have appropriate data protection arrangements.
l) You agree and acknowledge that in the event we merge, sell or otherwise change control of our company, our business or the website to a third-party, you consent, without giving of prior notice, to our disclosure of your personal information and other data that we have collected from you to a third party or parties as part of such a transaction.
4. Security of Your Personal Information
a) We take steps to protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure and against other misuse. When no longer required, personal information is destroyed in a secure manner or deleted.
b) To request to have your personal information deleted from Mbeautiful.com.au, please contact us at privacy@Mbeautiful.com.au.
5. Access to Your Personal Information and Complaints Procedure
a) Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), you have certain rights to access the personal information we collect and hold about you.
b) Information we hold about you can be accessed by logging into your account on the platform and checking the information in the My Account page. You should ensure the information, such as delivery address and email, is up to date and accurate. You can find more information about the information held in your account here.
c) You may make a request to receive any additional information we may hold about you, and we will provide this information to you within a reasonable time. When requesting such access please identify the precise type/s of information requested. You may make a request by contacting our Support Centre.
d) We take steps reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that the personal information that we collect, use and disclose is accurate, up to date and complete. Where an individual requests to correct information, we will take reasonable steps to correct the information, having regard to the purpose for which it is held. You may lodge a request to correct personal information to us.
e) To make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, which includes how we handle your personal information, you may contact our Support Centre. We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within a reasonable time after it is received. If you are not satisfied by our response, you may acquire further information regarding privacy from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
f) Please contact our team via email on privacy@Mbeautiful.com.au if you require any assistance.